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Mavado Freed Of Assault Charges

Posted by msvibez on June 21, 2013 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Mavado was this morning freed of assault charges.

Vado armed with his legal team appeared in the Halfway Tree R-M court to answer to charges of assault occasioning bodily harm. Attorney at law Tameka Harris tells Music News that the parties agreed to mediate the matter.

Mavado has since tweeted “Charges against me dismissed in court today, to God be the glory.”

All this stems from a shooting incident that left the Mavado’s childhood friend dead.

Vado’s friend Conroy “Connie” Edwards was allegedly shot by an off-duty policeman. The bullet entered the left side of his abdomen where it lodged. Connie succumbed to his injuries on the evening of June 16, 2011.

It is alleged that Vado had a physical altercation with the policeman in question.





Buju moved

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REGGAE star Buju Banton is now being transferred from the Pinellas County Jail in Florida to a correctional facility in Mississippi to begin serving his 10-year sentence.

Banton will be taken to the Adams County Correctional Center in Natchez, Mississippi.

Defence attorney David Oscar Markus, who represented the embattled artiste, in his drug trial, told the Sunday Observer that United States magistrate James Moody recommended that Banton serve his sentence at a facility in Florida, but a shortage of beds caused him to be transferred to the Mississippi-based prison.

"The judge recommended that he serve his time in Florida, but there were no beds in Miami, and the ultimate decision was made by the Bureau of Prisons. We are hopeful that when a bed opens up down here (Florida) that we can get him transferred so that it is easier on his family (and us) to see him," Markus said.

The Adams County Prison has the capacity to house 2,232 male prisoners and is owned by the corrections management provider, CCA.

The company is the fifth-largest corrections system in the US and houses 75,000 offenders and detainees in more than 60 facilities across that country.

CCA is a private corrections business which specialises in the design, construction, expansion and management of prisons, jails and detention facilities, as well as inmate transportation services.

The artiste was sentenced in the Sam Gibbons US Court in Tampa, Florida in June this year of conspiring to negotiate a drug deal in a police-controlled warehouse in Florida.

Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was arrested at his home in Tamarac, South Florida after almost a year of surveillance of telephone and live conversations and video recordings that included him tasting cocaine in a Saratoga warehouse.

He has consistently pleaded his innocence and maintained that he was entrapped by government informant Alexander Johnson, who he claims was paid US$50,000 to ensnare him.

The 38-year-old artiste has since signalled his intention to pursue higher education in the form of a master's degree in economics and political science while he is incarcerated.

His attorneys have also indicated that they are planning to appeal his sentence before a three-member panel of judges in an appellate court in Georgia.

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Mavado to return to court on September 29

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DANCEHALL Deejay Mavado, real name 'David Brooks', was ordered to return to court in late September when he appeared in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court to answer to charges of assault and malicious destruction of property this morning.

Mavado's attorney, Martyn Thomas, filed an application before Resident Magistrate Coralin Tie, that the matter be referred to mediation instead of trial. But Tie postponed her judgement on the application until a full medical report was available.

Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, was charged following an incident near Anchovy, St James last month.

He is accused of encouraging members of his entourage to attack a man and his son after the man refused to move his vehicle to allow the deejay to avoid potholes.

The man was allegedly beaten all over his body with a machete and his son reportedly hit in the face with machete causing him to lose several teeth.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Movado-to-return-to-court-on-September-29#ixzz1UlWLTmNG

Buju Banton Gets 10 Years

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TAMPA, Florida — Reggae Star Buju Banton was today sentenced to 10 years at the Sam M Gibbons Federal Court, four months after his conviction.

REGGAE artiste Buju Banton was today sentenced to 10 years by United States magistrate Jim Moody in the Sam M Gibbons US Court in Tampa Florida. He will be incarcerated at the FCI prison facility in Miami.

The artiste – real name Mark Myrie – was found guilty in February of conspiring to negotiate a drug deal in a police controlled warehouse in Florida.

The charge of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug offense was dropped however.

The artiste was slapped with the heavy sentence despite pleas for leniency by his attorney, his children, movie star Danny Glover and other character witnesses.

Banton, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, seemed resigned to accept his fate and calmy accepted the verdict.

His attorney David Oscar Markus has signalled his intent to appeal Banton's guilty verdict and indicated that he would move with alacrity to secure the artiste's release.

The verdict was handed down in front of a packed.

courthouse which included members of the artiste's family, his close friend Wayne Wonder, his manager Traci McGregor and reporters.

Many persons, including artistes and Banton's close friends Gramps Morgan and Delly Ranks who came to hear the verdict were turned back after court officials indicated that the courtroom was packed and Moody had already been seated at minutes to 9:00 am.

The sentencing hearing lasted just over an hour and many of Myrie's supporters and family members cried openly.

The artiste will serve his time at the penal facility in the state of Florida.

Myrie underwent two trials after the first trial ended in a mistrial in 2010. He was however found guilty of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine, using the wires to facilitate a drug offense and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offence.

Banton's two co-conspirators, Ian Thomas and James Mack both plead guilty after they were hedl in a sting operation attempting to purchase cocaine from federal agents in a police controlled warehouse in Tampa.

The Us government built their case around wiretap and video evidence which caught Banton tasting cocaine and making several statements of the purchasee and sale of large amounts of contraband.

Buju seeks mercy - Entertainer wants Shorter Sentence- BujuĀ?s lawyers argue for reduced sentence

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JAMAICAN Grammy Award-winning reggae artiste Buju Banton wants the court to impose a prison term below the mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years at his sentencing hearing later this month.

Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is scheduled to be sentenced on June 23 in the Sam M Gibbons Federal Court in Tampa, Florida, United States. The artiste was convicted in February on charges of conspiracy to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine, possession of a firearm in the furtherance of a drug-trafficking crime and using the wires to facilitate a drug-trafficking offence.

The documents asking for the reduced sentence were filed yesterday by his legal team led by attorney Oscar David Markus.

"The 10-year minimum mandatory sentence for the drug count and the five-year minimum mandatory consecutive sentence for the gun count are unconstitutional in this case because it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment and also because it constitutes too severe a penalty for proceeding to trial," the lawyers noted.

The lawyers also stated that the court is well aware that, according to United States v Booker, a sentence "calculated pursuant to the United States Sentencing Guidelines is no longer mandatory". The lawyers also pointed out that Banton's limited role in the drug offence entitles him to a reduction in sentence, while citing the artiste's good character and clean record as it relates to the offence for which he was convicted.

"Throughout both trials, it was clear that the significant players in the December 10, 2009 drug transaction were Isaac 'Ike' Camon, a major drug dealer in Georgia, as the buyer; and Alex Johnson as the seller. Not Mark Myrie," said the lawyers.

Ian Thomas, a friend of Banton's who was instrumental in the drug transaction, was sentenced in May to 51 months' imprisonment after pleading guilty and assisting the prosecution.

Banton's first trial in September last year ended with a hung jury, resulting in the second trial in which he was convicted. The artiste was arrested at his south Florida home in December 2009.

Yesterday's document also contained letters from actor, activist, and humanitarian Danny Glover, as well as from several of Banton's 15 children, asking for the court's leniency.

Banton's pending motion seeking acquittal and for a new trial will also be heard on June 23.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Buju-seeks-mercy---Entertainer-wants-shorter-sentence_8988866#ixzz1OtfqqJ82

Mavado walks free

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ST ANN’S BAY, St Ann – Dancehall artiste Mavado was freed today when he appeared in the St Ann’s Bay Resident Magistrate court. The entertainer, real name David Brooks, was charged by the St Ann Police last month with malicious destruction of property.

The charge stemmed from a fracas outside a night club in Runaway Bay in the parish on May 22, where he was arrested and subsequently offered $50,000 station bail.

He was freed earlier today after the complainant in the case told the court that she no longer had an interest in the matter.

Presiding magistrate Andrea Thomas then made a no case order and Brooks walked from the courtroom a free man.

However, several other men who were reportedly a part of Brook’s entourage and were also charged in relation to the incident are to return to court on August 4 when the case against them will be mentioned.

Their bails were extended until that date.

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Buju's co-accused gets 51 months

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IAN Thomas, the co-accused of convicted Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton, was yesterday sentenced to 51 months' imprisonment in a federal court in Tampa, Florida.

The sentence was more than the 18 months that Thomas had requested in court documents last week for co-operating with the prosecution against Banton.

Mr Thomas requests that the court deem a sentence of 18 months more than reasonable in this case," according to the papers filed in the Sam M Gibbons Federal Court last Friday.

Yesterday's sentence follows Banton's conviction in the said court in February on charges of conspiracy to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine, possession of a firearm in the furtherance of a drug trafficking crime and using the wires to facilitate a drug-trafficking offence.

The Grammy award-winning artiste was acquitted of a fourth charge of attempted possession with the intent to distribute cocaine.

Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is to be sentenced on June 23. He faces upwards of 15 years in prison.

Thomas, who is a long-time friend of Banton, was arrested in an undercover operation in a warehouse in Florida along with a man by the name of James Mack in December 2009. Banton was arrested hours later at his south Florida home. Both Thomas and Mack pleaded guilty on the charges against them. They were scheduled to give evidence in Banton's trial but were not called.

Although Thomas did not give evidence in court, his briefing, according to the court document filed last Friday, has tremendously benefited the prosecution. Thomas said in the filing that he did not stand to benefit from any sale of cocaine and that his only function was to seek a buyer for the cocaine that the Government's confidential source had presented.

"After consideration of the factors enumerated... this court should find that a sentence below the advisory guideline range is sufficient but not greater than the necessary to achieve the purposes of sentencing," said the document

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Buju-s-co-accused-gets-51-months_8755795#ixzz1LZpJjZsw

Benefit concert for Japan

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TO support Japan's earthquake relief, Japanese sound system Mighty Crown and their management team Irish and Chin are calling on the reggae community and all people for help. Namely, Mighty Crown and Irish and Chin, with support from VP Records and media partner Irie Jam Radio, are staging Reggae 4 Japan on Thursday, April 21 at York College in Queens, New York.

Slated to feature top reggae music acts, the benefit concert's proceeds will go to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake Relief. The country of Japan has experienced great devastation and crisis as a result of the earthquake, subsequent tsunami, nuclear power plant explosions and partial meltdown. Japan is in great need of aid as they deal with the aftermath of recent horrific events.

Mighty Crown, who was in Japan at the time of the earthquake, witnessed the impact of the disaster on their homeland.

Passionate about aiding Japan, Mighty Crown reached out to the reggae community and they responded without hesitation. It's clear that reggae music is a universal force that unites all people. Just as Japan wholeheartedly supports reggae music and culture, the reggae music industry and itsfans support Japan.

"In this life, it's all about helping each other; when one is in trouble you reach out and help," says Masta Simon, co-owner of Mighty Crown. "I am forever grateful for the support of the reggae community in this effort with such a great need for relief in Japan; I am calling out to all people to help."

"Regardless of one's connection to Japan, be it reggae music, electronics, automotives, fashion, etc. I am calling on everyone to come out and support," Masta Simon adds


VP Records dutifully stepped in to support Reggae 4 Japan by providing the majority of entertainment pegged for the line-up. Their swift response is an indicator of the commitment that the reggae industry has to helping Japan. "We are happy to be involved in Reggae 4 Japan, as Japan has incessantly embraced reggae music and culture over the years," says Chris Chin, owner of VP Records. "We are showing our care and appreciation for Japan and thanking our artistes for donating their time and talent for such a good cause ultimately; we would like to see large numbers of people come out to support this extremely important event.

The line-up will be announced in the days to come, once appearances are finalised. Based on the artistes who have already confirmed, Reggae 4 Japan will be a benefit concert of epic proportion and for a great cause. Irie Jam Radio also graciously stepped in to rally support from other radio outlets in the Tri-State area by coordinating advertising efforts, interviews and other forms of support. Irie Jam Radio is lending a hand to ensure that Reggae 4 Japan is widely promoted.

This year is Mighty Crown's 20th anniversary, but understandably, the spirit for celebrating this year has changed. Because of Japan's crisis, even after Reggae 4 Japan, Mighty Crown will be dedicated to helping their homeland overcome.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Benefit-concert-for-Japan_8572377#ixzz1HWsZKsVs

Buju lawyer to appeal case

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ATTORNEY representing Reggae star Buju Banton, David Oscar Markus, has signalled his intention to appeal the guilty verdict that was handed down in the United States Sam Gibbons Federal Court today.

Banton was declared guilty of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine, possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug-trafficking offence and using the wires to facilitate a drug-trafficking offence by a 12-member panel of jurors.

However he was found not guilty of attempted possession with the intent to distribute cocaine.

The artiste hugged Markus when the verdict was read while many of his supporters left the courtroom crying. He has been detained and has had his bail revoked.

Banton was arrested at his Tamarac home in South Florida in December 2009, a day after his co-defendants Ian Thomas and James Mack were arrested in a government controlled warehouse in Tampa, Florida attempting to buy cocaine from Drug Enforcement Agents.

He was jailed for almost 11 months in the Pinellas County Jail and his first trial in September last year ended in a hung jury forcing US Judge Tom Moody to order a retrial.

The artiste has consistently pleaded his innocence and claims he was entrapped by the US government.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Buju-lawyer-to-appeal-case#ixzz1EuPNv041

I fought the good fight ? Buju

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FLORIDA, USA — Attorney David Markus says that Buju Banton is taking a philosophical approach to the guilty verdict and is taking the disappointing news in stride.

"We are all extremely disappointed and emotional," said Markus.

Markus said Banton told him in the lock-up that he was happy that he fought because he was innocent.

He read a brief statement from Buju:

"Our life and our destiny are sometimes pre-destined and no matter where this journey takes me, remember I fought the good fight," said the artiste, real name Mark Myrie.

"It was a great man that said my head is bloody but still unbowed I love you all thank you for your support," he added.

Banton is now in detention awaiting sentencing.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/I-fought-the-good-fight---Buju#ixzz1EuPDNGK2

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